Our Vision
A future where educational equity will no longer be a luxury.
We have a vision that children born to poor homes will have a silver lining to count on. One day, every capable individual will help generate opportunities to educate underprivileged children. We have taken a little step forward to be a part of this by attempting to contribute to the educational upliftment of some of these children.
What we do
Every small initiative can contribute to educational equity.
Each one of us is acquainted with at least one child from a low-income community who is deprived of basic education. We aim to make a small difference in his/her life. We will help allocate funds to fulfill their educational requirements. Also, we will provide a platform for proactively monitoring their progress in learning on a monthly basis.
You Can Participate
Since you're here, we have a way for you to participate.
Has your daily help's daughter been forced to drop out of school owing to unpaid school fees? Is your driver's little brother unable to study due to shortage of money for buying books? You can help. Register as a volunteer to share their details with us. We would help provide the necessary support for them to attain a basic education.
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